"I use Homeokits for cold and Flu symptoms for my entire family.We can often prevent a cold from beginning by taking Aconite. Each family member has a remedy that works best for them once the cold or flu has advanced. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are remarkable."
Hi I'm Tamara Der-Ohanion, Classical Homeopath.After practising homeopathy for 16 years and treating people with all sorts of physical and emotional ailments, I realized the lack of information available for those who want to treat simple ailments at home. This was my inspiration to develop Homeokits.   Homeokits are a variety of homeopathic first aud kits, each containing various remedies, a comprehensive reference guide, as well as general information on homeopathy.
is a Classical Homeopath practising in Toronto.She can be reached at (416) 385-1001 or visit her website at :
This kit is designed for treating acute cold and flu symptoms.If you are susceptible to chronic colds and flu, consult a trained Homeopath for constitutional treatment.
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